Welcome to my portfolio page! This is a page dedicated to showcasing my most recent projects.

Here, I have showcased some of my video productions. My first project is my most recent. It is a commercial for Amalia’s Clay Creations.


The second video is a Documentary about Homelessness. This won Outstanding Documentary at the Connecticut Student Film Festival Awards.

The second video features Woodland Regional High School. This was a production for the NEASC, or New England Association of Schools, Committee. The reason for this video was the NEASC Committee was reviewing Woodland Regional High School for their accreditation process.


I also included a project that I completed for my Digital Toolbox class at Marist College. The course taught me how to use Adobe Programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Below is a compilation of all of those programs used to create one final product.

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